Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank you to the brave Auckland protestors

I want to say a very loud thank you to the brave protestors who marched ahead of Steve Crow's blatant pornography advertising stunt in Auckland. A reporter called Emily Kernot should be ashamed of herself for describing them as "poker-faced" for refusing to respond to verbal and physical attacks, then calling Crow's tame women "bare-breasted beauties" and "the girls".

The parade didn't have a permit, but that wasn't a problem. It's a bit disturbing to discover (thanks to a police press release) that councils have effectively no power to enforce their own by-laws: "There is no power of arrest for breaching the by-law and any Court action would have to be taken through the issuing of minor offence notices. The enforcement of Council by-laws regarding parades is not a matter for the Police."

So it seems that anyone who has a mind to advertise his wares with a street parade can simply go ahead. Once he's got away with it once or twice, cheered on by brainless guys who've apparently never seen bare breasts before, a precedent has been set determining that it's not offensive - at least, that seems to be why the Auckland council's attempt to get an injunction failed. Now Crow is triumphantly proclaiming he's going to do it all again in Wellington.

Forget dignity and self-respect and equality. According to Crow's Law, if you're female you've only got one purpose in life, apart from doing the housework, and that's to be perved at and pawed over - or slagged off - by any male who feels like it. And make some canny pornographer a shitload of money in the process.

Back to maths class: online news has announced that "Shell has dropped the price of diesel by 6 cents a litre to $165.9, effective from 12 noon today." Oh dear, things are much worse than I thought - thank heavens our car runs on petrol...

And the Dom-Post front page originally proclaimed that Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell won the double sculls by "one thousandth of a second". I doubt that even Chinese time-keeping is that good. Online it was swiftly corrected to one hundredth.

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