Monday, April 1, 2013

The end of summer

I put the heater on today, the first time for weeks. Only a few sprinkles of rain, though the four days' quiet steady drizzle a while ago helped a lot. I've been keeping the important plants - lemon tree, rhubarb, geraniums - alive with water from a bucket in the shower, the clothes dryer (it cleverly collects the water), cleanish kitchen water, and the earthquake bottles in the garage (all well past their use-by date, but not being refilled till the drought's over, so no earthquakes before then, please!)
          The long gap since I wrote here last shows partly how busy I've been, especially with my food memoir, but also how far I've come over the last two and a quarter years. I still sometimes catch myself far away from the present, thinking about Harvey, but not nearly as often or for as long as I used to. For the first time, I feel as if I once again have my own life and am getting on with it. Most of the time, anyway. More book news soon. For now, I hope your Easter was as absorbing and pleasant as mine was, thanks to my work and my friends. And some very good hot cross buns and chocolate.