Monday, April 1, 2013

The end of summer

I put the heater on today, the first time for weeks. Only a few sprinkles of rain, though the four days' quiet steady drizzle a while ago helped a lot. I've been keeping the important plants - lemon tree, rhubarb, geraniums - alive with water from a bucket in the shower, the clothes dryer (it cleverly collects the water), cleanish kitchen water, and the earthquake bottles in the garage (all well past their use-by date, but not being refilled till the drought's over, so no earthquakes before then, please!)
          The long gap since I wrote here last shows partly how busy I've been, especially with my food memoir, but also how far I've come over the last two and a quarter years. I still sometimes catch myself far away from the present, thinking about Harvey, but not nearly as often or for as long as I used to. For the first time, I feel as if I once again have my own life and am getting on with it. Most of the time, anyway. More book news soon. For now, I hope your Easter was as absorbing and pleasant as mine was, thanks to my work and my friends. And some very good hot cross buns and chocolate.


  1. Great news Anne. I'm really hopeing they produce your book on paper form as well in the near future. I know that the age of digital books is with us and not going to go away but I have resisted its lure so far. Where I work, the well off children have kindles or similar and can access books cheaply and easily. Before kindles, they had quite good access to books. The poor children have no kindles and are dependent on the library (if they have no fines) and cheap hand me down books. As well off families stop buying hard copy books, the pool of second hand cheap books diminishes for poor people.

  2. Great to see you easing back into your own life again Anne.