Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home again home again jiggety jig

Safely back from Guangzhou, where the weather was astonishing - 27C the day I arrived, a couple of colder days and hovering around 22+ the rest of the time. It was great for us and for all the people who get their one decent holiday at this Spring Festival, but it certainly felt like global warming. It's such as enormous roaring city (at least 9 million people), and I did find it quite tiring, though the chaps did their very best to look after me. We went to a lot of lovely peaceful parks - and the food was great (more on Something Else to Eat soon). Now I'm flat out dealing with my memoir's edited manuscript, I need to get through at least  a chapter a day, and each one takes me 4-5 hours. A week should do it...meanwhile, some cheerful Chinese photos for you: a quiet corner of old Guangzhou that looked and felt like Paris; umbrellas made of recycled drink bottles; and the boy with the fish on his head who signifies wealth for the New Year..


  1. Welcome home Anne; it sounds like a good break. Dealing with the edited manuscript - ah yes, I've just been through that again, and I know what it's like. Hope you have a good editor, and that the changes fall into place.

  2. Looks so beautiful! Sounds like it did you a lot of good too to get away somewhere so different. And there's always the good feeling of coming home, too.