Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Found Poem of the Week

This is meant to be a new regular feature but I can't quite work out how to add it, so I'm putting it in as a separate post instead. (Thanks for the source, Donna!)

Found Poem of the Week


it's really not so much a timeline
but when the markets are more favourable
obviously markets picked up yesterday and who knows
that may continue over the next number
of weeks or months or may not
so it's really not so much a timeline
as we say we're in a strong position
to move forwards with our current development
which is quite substantial where it puts us
so we can fully develop what we've got
which is the largest corporate dairy farmer
so we've got a major development piece of work
progressing now
it may be months
but it will wait till it's a favourable environment

(Group manager of financial services at PGG Wrightson, Michael Thomas, talking about their failure to find cash to expand into Uruguay)

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  1. well, um, thats how john er key talks unless he been y'know, um, coached