Sunday, June 28, 2009

From the earth

When I visited my friend Kath on Thursday, her husband gave me a bag of fresh veges from their garden - baby sprouting broccoli stems, a cos lettuce, and some baby beetroot. I served the broccoli on Thursday with a beef casserole and mashed potatoes - we had Rae to dinner. The cos lettuce made a delicious little Caesar salad for my dinner on Saturday - Harvey had a cheese omelette. Today I cooked and peeled the beetroot and am about to turn it into soup - as luck would have it, there's a very good recipe in the latest Cuisine, which friends gave me for my birthday. It gives me great satisfaction to make this gift of veges into such nice food. Harvey used to grow a good range of fresh stuff for us, but that was at Farm Road, when he was well. We don't have the scope here, and anyway he's not able to garden any more. I do have a few pots of salad and herbs, but I'm not very good at keeping them going. Right now they're almost all in need of replanting, but it's been too cold and miserable to get out there. I'm obviously not a real gardener like Harvey - which makes me all the more appreciative of bounty from people who are real gardeners.


  1. Dont you think having hens for the sole purpose of them laying eggs is using them for human good and a violation of theyre breeding rights?
    Especially if they are locked in a small henhouse, like the majority of hens in the world are.

  2. That's the great thing about gardeners. We almost always grow more than we can eat and most of us are more than happy to show off by giving away our excess. I'm a big believer in the reciprocal nature of these relationships. Everyone of my friends who benefits from my garden pays me back in some practical or emotional way. I'm very happy with that arrangement.