Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've just been welcomed as a contributor to Newzild's premiere feminista blogspot, The Hand Mirror. So from now on I'll cross-post the more stroppy, political (in the broadest sense) comment over there, plus some new things just for them, and fit in a bit more whatever-takes-my-fancy and personal ramblings over here.

We're in a state of general upheaval, with books all over the place and every drawer being reorganised, because Harvey's increasing infirmity (due to his rare muscular illness) has meant he's had to move downstairs. (He gives his account of it all on his blog.) It feels very strange being upstairs all by myself.

To cheer myself up (not him, unfortunately, unlike me he never eats rubbish between meals) and have something easy to offer our many visitors, given that I'm so not into baking, I've invented a new taste treat - and what's more, it's gluten-free! (I'm not, but increasing numbers of my friends are.)

Buy a packet of small chocolate meringues (made by Select, the Woollies house brand), and a jar of Nutella. Open the packet and the jar. Sandwich the requisite number of pairs of meringues together with generous dabs of Nutella. The pale beige and brown combination is very appealing on a pretty plate. Has to be eaten straight away, so don't overdo it. (On the other hand, any leftover slightly soggy ones at bedtime aren't bad at all...)

Keep the spare meringues in a really airtight container and you'll have an instant, elegant afternoon tea or even a little dessert on hand for as long as they last. You could drizzle a bit of melted chocolate on top, but that would probably be gilding the lily. Of course, real home-made chocolate meringues would be better, and I do have three spare egg-whites in the fridge, so we'll see...


  1. I'm so pleased that you have joined The Hand Mirror team. In some ways I'm sorry to have left, but my life is in a state of flux, somewhere between NZ and Australia, and I don't quite know where I belong. Depending on decisions we take in the next year or so, that state of flux may settle down, and once it has, I will know where I want to blog. In the meantime, The Hand Mirror is very lucky to have you.

    Many thanks for the link to Harvey's blog. I've just spent some time there, and added it to my feed reader.

    Meringues... I make them, mostly, because my daughters ask for them, very politely, for their birthday parties. They're also very low fat, as well as being gluten free. It's just a shame about all that sugar.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comments! I intend to Do My Best, though the standard I'll need to meet is very high. Ah yes, the sugar - but of course that's the good bit! As an occasional thing, there is nothing like a real meringue, accompanied by what Katherine Mansfield calls the "inner bliss" of whipped cream (only then, of course, the low fat goes out the window. You can't win...)