Friday, October 22, 2010


Today it's 23 years since my younger son, Patrick, died in an accident in Sydney. He was eighteen and a half. I'm writing this post today for every parent who has lost a child, and particularly for those whose child was, like Patrick, just on the verge of adulthood. How would his life have turned out? Would he have been happy? Would he have had children? I think he would have been a good father - he could see and understand how people were feeling. But all that is lost now, to him and also to us. Haere atu, e tama, haere ki te huinga o te kahurangi, haere, haere, haere.


  1. Thank you for this post.

    The bereaved parents' club is one none of us choose to join.

    It is against the natural order of things to outlive our children. When we lose them we also lose the hopes and dreams we'd had for their future.

    But we also learn the lesson that life is both precious and fatal. The knowledge of that is the gift my sons (who died at 20 weeks and five years) gave me and I try for their sakes not to waste it.

  2. I will cuddle my precious children a little tighter tonight, Anne, and think of your beautiful son.

  3. To you, Anne, and to homepaddock - my heartfelt thoughts.

  4. Kia kaha Anne.

    Thoughts are with you... see you soon,

  5. Ahh I have read Harvey write so touchingly about your loss, now I put two and two together.
    What a loss, too soon.

    Kind thoughts to you