Monday, November 22, 2010

Mangled English of the week

This week's Mangled English award goes to an unlikely candidate - Scoop. Usually the online news site sets a very good example of how not to mangle the English language, but this week it slipped up not once, but several times, in a single intro sentence:

"In an event whose anachronistic styling were suggestive of a possible Back To The Futre IV, the new Milky Bar Kid, Hinetaapora Short, met the media on Friday in front to the Wellington waterfront's shiny blobs."


  1. Wow... It's like the person who wrote it typed all that out, glanced at it once, and thought: 'Yup, that right there, is the sentence my entire career has been waiting on. THIS is the one that's going to get me recognised by my peers.'

    Two hours later the beer and painkillers wore off and the horror set in.


    (Erm... Not that my particular brand of english is too squeaky clean, and imperfection free!!)