Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'd been thinking about a particular group of people in Christchurch - those who have recently lost their partner and now suddenly have to cope with the aftermath of the earthquake on top of that.
           I was talking to an out-of-town friend today and mentioned this. "I know one", she said. Her Christchurch friend lost her husband three weeks ago.
           Then there are all the people who have just lost their partners in the quake itself, or even worse, don't know where they are or what's happened to them.
           Anything I try to write to express my sympathy comes out sounding trite and banal, but I am so very, very sad for you all and I hope you have loving people around you to help you through this.

There will be no new posts on Elsewoman for a couple of weeks. My lovely housesitter will be here taking care of Dorothy, who is going steadily downhill - well, she is 85 in human years. 


  1. Your blog is really significant Anne. I thought this as I found your reflections early this year, but even more so now since the earthquake as people try to navigate both the intensity and 'national' impact and ordinary human responses to such a large emergency (and loss of life and partners) as well as stay in touch with our individual challenges and traumas and losses. Thank you for your writing.
    Ruth P

  2. Thank you, Ruth - and my apologies for the delay in posting your comment because I was away.