Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coming home

 To everyone who has called, written, phoned or posted me about my birth mother, and the dear friends who looked after me last Monday evening, thank you. It poured all morning the day of her funeral, but by the time we got to the church in the afternoon, the rain had stopped. She had been a committed, active member of its congregation ever since she came to New Zealand at the age of sixteen. Together with the family, they made sure that her whole life, full of courage and love, was fully recognised and celebrated.
       She loved her garden, and I took a little garden of spring flowers up for her.

When I got home I brought my just-emerged daffodil - it was the first one I'd  ever planted myself, supervised by Ali - inside for her, and for me.


  1. It's good to read this Anne and to see the beautiful flowers with which you have been able to mark this time. It sounds like your birth mother's love of her garden means a Spring passing was especially significant. I hope the beauties of this particular Spring continue to surround you.

  2. How wonderful that your birth mother's life was so fully celebrated. Your bouquet of springs flowers is so full of life, and love.