Friday, December 14, 2012

Bed of roses

Driving home on one of Welllington's rare stunning days this week, I decided to stop by the rose garden. I timed it perfectly - in the middle was a trailer heaped high with rose petals and spent roses. The prettiest pile of rubbish in the world. Round it stood half a dozen people helping themselves to all the roses that weren't too far gone, while the nice park woman urged them to take as many as they wanted. So of course I joined them. The best ones to take were the red and white floribunda clusters. I put them down on the cafe table to admire while I had my cold juice.

Then I took them home, put them in a vase by Harvey's photo, and felt happy all evening.


  1. Kia ora Anne, I love and reread Harvey's book This Piece of Earth over and over and wish it was available as a ereader on Amazon. Is your new book going to be on Amazon? I use an iPad you see and am an avid reader of ebooks but still reread old favourite books I can't get through Amazon. Very enjoyable blog, thanks, Renée

  2. What a lovely story. I always like that word, 'serendipity', and think of it as I read your post.

  3. Lovely to hear from you both. Juliet, thanks so much for your support over the last two years, and I hope you have a peaceful and happy Christmas. Renee - yes, the book certainly will be available for iPad, and for all the other kinds of e-reader too. And good news - Awa Press is going to bring out Harvey's book later next year as an e-book, I don't have a date yet but I'll let you know when it's available. It will be wonderful to ahve it available again as I get lots of enquiries for it. Sorry about the delay in posting your comments, I am having problems with Xtra. Iv'e replied to your comment on previous post too.