Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If the women are naked why bother with the news?

Young women aged at least 20 (and probably not more than 21) have been invited to audition to read the news naked for Alt TV. My only question is, why bother with the charade of reading the news?

Why not just screen a procession of naked women 24 hours a day, broken only by the ads? For that matter, why not just bring in a new employment regulation?

Any woman judged to be sufficiently attractive by her male employer (or, in the much less likely situation of having a female employer, the next most senior male) should be required to work naked, whenever the nature of her work allows it. (I mean, we wouldn't want them to get pneumonia or skin cancer, would we, that wouldn't be very nice.)

On second thoughts, let's combine this idea with an amendment to the new law on breast-feeding. Employers now have to provide somewhere suitably private for women to breast-feed their children. But we're missing a trick here, surely.

Women who breast-feed have to expose at least part of their breasts. If they're inconsiderate enough to insist on breast-feeding when they should be working, why not make some money out of them? Employers could set up special glass booths where the attractive ones breast-feed in full view of the rest of the workforce - the male workforce, anyway.

We can call it multi-tasking. That's what women are supposed to be g00d at. So let's go the whole hog and kill two birds with one stone.

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