Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Postscript on plastics

Many thanks for the comments on the plastics post! Yes, "Rae", I have seen the photos of your daughter in her gorgeous (truly) wedding dress crocheted out of plastic bags (if you send me a digital version I'll even post it on the blog). And I'll eagerly await your Xmas gift of a recycled bag bathmat (but please use only blue ones or it won't tone in).

Other posters: The charming descriptions of worm farms and non-smelly composting were almost alluring. Now how about coming round to build and maintain one for me, or maybe even me and my other four townhouse neighbours? But I really did appreciate the realism about the virtues of plastic, and I couldn't agree more about the rat shroud.

A nice footnote: the Sunday Star Times recently reported (sorry, tried to find it on the Net and couldn't) that a clever kid has spurred her school to use its buying power. It's persuaded the supplier of its bought-in lunch items to use paper bags and wrapping instead of plastic. Way to go.

But a reader's letter points out that the paper's crusade against plastic was undercut when it gave out hundreds of copies of the paper at a recent Fun Run - all wrapped in plastic.

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