Thursday, August 23, 2012

Holding our own

Thank you so much for all your empathetic comments on my previous post, they mean a great deal to me.  Jonathan left today, and of course I wished he could stay longer. But as it happened, I was immediately plunged back into other facets of my life, so I haven't had a minute to sit around moping.
         And for the next two days I'll be immersed in the many different delights of the food bloggers' conference. Last year it was in Auckland and I couldn't go, so it's a great treat to have it here. I'll be posting more about it over on Something Else to Eat.
          In next week's post I hope to have some exciting news to do with the book I've been writing over the last three years - a food memoir with the working title of Bittersweet. But as I have to be downtown tomorrow at the ungodly (for me - don't laugh) hour of 8am, I'll leave it there for now.

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  1. Being with the fellow food bloggers sounds like a good distraction from the emptiness that is left when a loved visitor departs. Sounds fun.