Saturday, July 14, 2012


My neighbour was going away for a few days last week, so she brought me her arrangement of wintersweet, because she didn't want to leave it languishing unseen and knew I'd like it.
        I have it growing in my garden too - it was here when we came - but it's hidden away down the far end of the shrubbery and I'd forgotten about it. Harvey would never have done this, he used to bring it inside to me from our previous garden and was so pleased to find it here when we came.
         It seems to have heralded in a fairly calm time - although this might also have something to do with the omega 3 fish oil capsules I've started taking (when I remember). I started taking it because it's supposed to be good for your eyes, helping to ward off macular degeneration. But I was telling a friend that I seemed to have been, not exactly happy, but rather not UNhappy, for some time now, and she pointed out that omega 3 is supposed to be good for warding off depression, because it improves seratonin uptake. Who knows - but they're obviously not doing me any harm. And now I've got my son's visit to look forward to - he's coming home for two weeks in August.So I'm getting through the winter better than I thought I would. 
        Many thanks to everyone who posted or called me about my birth mother, it was so kind. She's back at the home now and doing as well as possible.

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